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Online Payroll

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Accounting CS Payroll is fully automated and fully revolutionary, it's a new way to payroll.  Start to finish.

Paperless Payroll

Accounting CS Payroll integrates with our secure NetClient CS portals to create a completely paperless payroll process. Here's how:

  • Your employees enter their payroll data (like hours worked/vacation taken) online through a secure portal or mobile device.
  • Payroll data is approved by your payroll admins via their NetClient CS portals and data flows directly into Accounting CS Payroll for processing.
  • Once payroll is processed, we post PDF versions of checks, reports and more to the NetClient CS client portal, where you can access and print anytime.
  • Employees have read-only access to copies of their payroll information, such as paycheck stubs, W-2 forms and earnings history, and they can make their own W-4 updates as needed via the Employee Self-Service portal.

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