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Nimbus Client Portal

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Welcome to your Associated Business Services Secure Client Portal  Nimbus Portal Solutions - New, January 1, 2021

Secure Portal

Our new client portal will help us to gather all the information we need from you to provide the best service and will have significant benefits for all of us, including:

Reduced costs - There is no cost to you and you may even avoid paying fax, postage or delivery costs.

Quicker for you - you can use the portal to upload any number of computer files of any size or type, with everything kept in one convenient place.

Secure - all your information and files will remain confidential, encrypted and will be more secure than sharing by email or USPS mail.

Getting Started (click here)

To access your latest documents, click the In-Tray menu option.  Select the required document View. Options include:

  • In-Tray - all new files in the last 14 days
  • New Files - files not yet viewed
  • Files for Signing - files which we need you to sign

To share documents with Associated Business Services, select the My Uploads menu option.  Associated Business Services will be automatically notified when you share files with us.