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What is a Client Portal?

ABS uses client portal software, NetClient CS, developed and provided by Thomson Reuters.  You can log into your private, secure account much like you log into your bank account when you use online banking.  Tax returns and other documents can be reviewed, downloaded and printed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Watch the video below.

How can I get an account?

Please call, email (our email address and telephone numbers are at the top of this page), or send us a message at our contact page and we will set up an account for you.  If you want to quickly and securely send us a file without setting up an account, click Send Us A File at the right of this page.

Why should I use a Client Portal?

NetClient CS allows you to have online instant access to your documents at all hours of the day, whenever you need them.  This is much more convenient than having to request paper copies and wait for them to be delivered by other means.  You can review documents like tax returns before they are made final.  Business clients can review/receive financial statements, checks and payroll forms in this manner.  We advise our clients never to use email to send sensitive and confidential documents.

When are documents made available?

Tax returns are made available when they have been completed by our preparer.  You will receive an email notifying you of completion with instructions about how to access them through the portal to review, sign and return the proper forms for efiling.  Business clients are also notified by email when financial statements, checks, payroll forms and other documents are ready for portal access.

Click here for the NetClient CS Demo Video